How to build your Knowledge Credibility Score™


What is a Knowledge Credibility Score™

Summary: A Knowledge Credibility Score™ or KnoC™ Score helps to provide a concrete means for an employer to see if a candidate has a good work ethic and is knowledgeable in a relevant domain. It is naturally biased, meaning that it is not affected by non-relevant influence, thus it shows true effort towards learning. With the popularity of learning platforms being used as cheat platforms, a Knowledge Credibility Score provides a means to show that an individual has studied as opposed to simply being present and passing exams.

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Shown in the example are the academic statistics that comprise a Knowledge Credibility or KnoC Score. A KnoC Score contains sections by domain that are currently divided into two columns. The left column shows a value, and the right column shows hours. In order to show earnings in the left column, the person must be either an original creator or have made edits to the materials. The right column shows interaction time within a domain. Interaction as indicated in the example is either create time, or as study time. Further sections not shown yet will provide a score that prefers the building of free recall memory over simply reading notes or other types of studying.

Knowledge Credibility Score™


Building your stats

FlashMonkey keeps account of the time that you spend while creating, editing, and studying within a domain. There is nothing special that needs to be done. Ensure that you provide your profile information and a good bio that outlines your accomplishments and provide a good photo. Your bio and your image will be available along with your KnoC Score when you forward your link or QR-Code to employers. Further, in order to track your studies, ensure that you have provided a complete description in the Earn area of the deck you interact with. The study materials may be reviewed by employers or by the team members that you will join. Study materials that have no value do not indicate that they are good nor bad, however study materials that do have value indicate that the information is valuable to peer and non peer students and is likely relevant and accurate. If you chose to sell your decks is up to you, but it will help build your credibility.

FlashMonkey Personal Profile Description Form

Profile Entry Form with Bio and Image found under the settings gear -> 'PROFILE'. The form also provides a QR-Code generator and a link you can share on your CV, in social media, or in forums. If shared in public forums your profile page and Knowledge Credibility Score will show up in Search Engine Results.

FlashMonkey Deck Description Form

Deck description form with image uploader and description fields found under 'CREATE' -> 'EARN'. Similar to the Profile Entry Form it has a QR-Code generator you can share on posters and a link you can share in social media or in forums. If shared publicly your deck will show up in Search Engine Results.