Meet the Team

FlashMonkey team member

Lowell Stadelman

Position: Founder and CEO

FlashMonkey's Founder and CEO, Lowell Stadelman, began in the U.S. Army where he excelled and became a HALO qualified Special Forces Master Sergeant in just 16 years. Lowell's career included being a communications operator in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, more commonly known as Delta Force. His work involved solving complex communication challenges in intense and extreme conditions and developing radio technologies under the leadership of one of the first unit members involved in Desert One. After 18 years of field and combat experience in multiple environments, Lowell was reassigned to a special office to develop new technology requirements.

Lowell's intense focus, and unique expertise were well suited for the field of research and development. His work led to the creation of new systems developed with gov't labs and entities such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, AeroVironment, and at universities such as MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley. Lowell's contributions provided the architecture and elements for products with a total estimated value of over a billion dollars.

After leaving Special Forces, Lowell became a Program Manager at Raythoen's Advanced Programs where he developed new technologies under one of the top physicists and thought leaders in the field.

Lowell's philosophy always keeps him moving forward, and his ambition continuously pushes for something larger. He comes from a background firmly rooted in education, with nearly 20 educators in the family. His Mother, Father, Stepfather and Stepmother were all professors at Texas A&M and fostered what became a lifelong thirst for learning. While he was in the Army, Lowell attended college, and earned a 4.0 studying math and physics. Next, he studied economics at the University of Arizona. In his third round of higher education, Lowell discovered the inspiration for FlashMonkey. While studying software engineering, he found that the available digital study systems were linear to the classroom, and lacked the imagination that modern capabilities could provide. In earnest for a better way, the mission to create such a utility began. The core concept for an advanced platform employing the four psychological learning theories, unlimited in subjects, and motivating learning through self-interests started from this humble beginning.

FlashMonkey team member

Candace McIntyre

Position: VP Art and Communications

Candace is a student at the University of Texas at Austin. She is an oil painter that specializes in impressionistic-realism concentrating on the human form.

Her passion for graphic design came from her entrepreneurial experience showcasing her artistic services as a business owner of Lively Vibes Designs LLC.

Her art work has been recognized in several press releases in the Austin Texas community.

Candace provides creative energy, art, and website design guidance to the team.